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Welcome to The Day Job Artist, a way of life and podcast hosted by Jess Duda. We feature live, original performances by people who work by day and create by night. At the end, Jess asks, “What’s your day job?” Your fellow workers just may inspire you to pursue your creative passions.

Pilot Episode: Aba Kiser

Meet Aba Kiser, a key inspiration for The Day Job Artist based on her song, “Day Job [Test],” from her debut album titled, “I’m One Too.”

Poet Nicole Goodwin

Nicole Goodwin performs an improvised poem and a selection from her book based on her former high-stakes day job. Web extras include her powerful poems grieving the murder of George Floyd and coping with COVID-19.

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A Brooklyn Living Room Turned Recording Studio

Click through to see how Jess Duda, the creator and host of The Day Job Artist, transformed her living room into a podcast studio. 

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