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Welcome to The Day Job Artist, a way of life and a podcast hosted by Jess Duda. Each Saturday, we feature live performances of original music, spoken word, comedy, poetry, and theater by people who work by day and create by night. These talented creatures just may inspire you to pursue your creative purpose and be on the show.

Season 1 Trailer

Check out the trailer to The Day Job Artist, a way of life and a podcast celebrating those who work by day and create by night to inspire you to pursue your own creative passions.

Pilot Episode: Aba Kiser

Meet Aba Kiser, a key inspiration for The Day Job Artist based on her song, “Day Job [Test],” from her debut album titled, “I’m One Too.”

Preview Performances from Upcoming Episodes

Season 1 includes a wonderful line up of musicians, comedians, poets, novelists, and playwrights. Our pilot run listed here covers just music, poetry, and cabaret. For a limited time only, stream their performances to get to know these talented gems. Once the episode airs, performances will be available only for your personal collection with proceeds spilt evenly between the guests and the show. Hearing their moving performances and personal stories will reacquaint you with the power of art to connect, heal, and love life. 

Poet Nicole Goodwin

Poet Nicole Goodwin performs an improvised poem using three words from the audience: Cauliflower, eyebrows, and torrential.

The Gay Agenda

It’s the Gay Agenda! Hilarious, irreverent, and only the queerest of the queer. You will adore this duo, especially after you find out their day jobs. They are men of service and men of love.

Anna/Kate Band

Anna/Kate Band talk politics, finding inner peace, and their debut album, “Hold On.”

Adam Bonomo

Heart-opening singer/pianist Adam Bonomo performs from his debut album “Phases.” If you need an emotional pick-me-up, he’s your man.

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A Brooklyn Living Room Turned Recording Studio

Click through to see how Jess Duda, the creator and host of The Day Job Artist, transformed her living room into a podcast studio. 

About The Day Job Artist

The Team

Meet the team behind The Day Job Artist.

Origin Story

The Day Job Artist is inspired by the talented people who perform at the Judson Arts Program, the founding space of Off-Off-Broadway and Post-Modern Dance.

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