Musician Jeff Turrentine

Hailing from Dallas, TX, Jeff Turrentine performs his latest folks songs after taking a 20 year-break from his guitar. Only such a soft spoken, sensitive man can write a song so cynical that also makes you laugh, smile, and hit repeat.

His wisdom on the role of art in a democracy is timeless: 

“If there is a political role for an artist in a democracy, it is to make people move out of their comfort zone and make them think about what it’s like to be someone else. . .You just need to learn basic empathy and sympathy and be able to see the world through someone else’s eyes. I think that art alone pretty much has the ability to help us do that.”

Join us to hear songs that delight followed by a discussion with host Jess Duda on Jeff’s obscure folk recommendations, how an artistic practice reduces day job stressors, and a potential revival of fandom for the late actor James Mason. After hearing the episode, listeners can join in on the inside joke that Mason was “Gifted with one of the most mellifluous and distinctive voices of his era,” via Turner Classic Movies. Just listen and you’ll know why this quote is of humorous note.  

Check back in for forthcoming videos of Jeff Turrentine’s beautiful performances recorded live on The Day Job Artist.

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