Pilot Episode: Aba Kiser

Meet the key artist who inspired The Day Job Artist, Aba Kiser. She is a singer, songwriter, and guitar-player who is self-described as, “Rootsy orchestral folk pop with a heart-ache for jazz and country swing.” 

In addition to playing our theme song, “Day Job [Test],” she performs the haunting and powerful, “White Lies” that speaks about the fear and injustice of police brutality against black Americans. 

“White Lies is dedicated to the countless African Americans who have [been killed] by the hands of police brutality. I try to verbalize that at shows where ever I am – just to say their names to have it be acknowledged and brought to the forefront. [The song] grabbles with my identity as a progressive, young white woman. How do I enter these conversations in a good way? How do I take into account the cards that are stacked in my favor to do the good work that’s been happening for so long? People need to hear that reflected in the art that they love.” – Aba Kiser

Listen to the full episode above as host Jess Duda discusses with Aba how she funds her art, builds a great backing band, and harnesses the transformative power of grassroots art. 

Below is the episode playlist also available for purchase to support both Aba Kiser and The Day Job Artist podcast. 

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