The Gay Agenda Plays It Straight!

It’s the Gay Agenda! Hilarious, irreverent, and only the queerest of the queer are writer and vocalist Micah Bucey and composer Nicholas Williams. You will adore this duo, especially after you find out their day jobs. They are men of service and men of love. They’ve had a dedicated following for 13 years and have yet to record an album. This is why The Day Job Artist exists: To unearth and archive artistic works created out of the pure love of the craft that emerge at their natural pace. 

“When I first heard of The Gay Agenda, I didn’t think they spoke to me because I’m not a gay man. Boy was I wrong! Their live cabaret shows and songs a-l-w-a-y-s make me smile, laugh, and cry. You can’t ask more of an artist. I love them dearly, and will defend my status as their number 1 fan any day of the week.” 

~~Jess Duda, Creator & Host of The Day Job Artist

Purchase Live Studio Performances

Download these rare recordings of The Gay Agenda into your own playlist for $.99 each. The proceeds support both the day job artists and the show’s production. 

The Day Job Artist Prequel

Also included in this playlist is the prequel to The Day Job Artist that inspired the podcast. In this original version, The Gay Agenda perform and discuss with host Jess Duda their cause work related to queer youth. 

The Gay Agenda Slide Show

Have you even seen two men with better hair? Micah Bucey is on vocals and Nicholas Williams is on piano. Photography by Melanie McLean Brooks. 

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